3 Biggest Mistakes Man Make Speaking With Women 3 Biggest Mistakes Man Make Speaking With Women 3 Biggest Mistakes Man Make Speaking With Women

Speaking With Women
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All men should know how to speak. Being a good speaker is a first-class skill everyone must have. It will help you in any kind of relationships you build – being them with men or women.


 The first point
The first point to work on is achieving a deep and commanding voice and how to calibrate the rest of your body – hands and eyes, especially- to perfectly match it. Second, you have to give good content and flavor to your speech, and to learn to tell anecdotes and stories is a great way of doing so. And finally, once the conversation is on track you have to keep the flavor going, continue building rapport and showing off your charisma until you finally close.


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 Be positive
This last part is surely the easiest of the three. Imagine a situation like this: you charmed and made the girl you want have a great first impression of you and you are both having an excellent night. Nothing is guaranteed – but for sure you are in the right track. Yet, things could go wrong and usually go because men do simple, yet really foolish mistakes on the way. If you want to keep the flavor going, I suggest you sticking by some simple rules below.

Be positive – Always! This is the most important rule. Don’t talk about anything negative at all – keep everything you talk about positive. In fact, if you have any problems with family, work, money, university or whatsoever, don’t talk about them. If you do, just be brief and give a positive outlook about them. If she talks about her problems, don’t give her grim advice either.


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 Tell me more.
Don’t talk about your ex – It’s a simple and well known rule, yet many men continue to do it. If you talk great things about your ex, the new girl won’t like it. And if you talk bad things about her, she won’t like it either. Better not to do it at all. If she asks about your past relationships, you can let her know but don’t go too deep into the subject. Never tell her how she mistreated you, dumped you, and cheated on you and so on.

Let her talk – In fact, she should be speaking much more than you do. Any girl’s favorite topic to speak about is definitely not you – nor is it politics, clothes, love or anything else. Their favorite topic is themselves. Even if you are dying to give your point of view about something, let her keep going. And remember the most important words you could say to someone when they are speaking about themselves: “That’s wonderful. Tell me more.”


 Forbidden topics
Forbidden topics – Unless you are speaking with a very special kind of woman, you shouldn’t speak about politics, religion, violence or about any other topic that could offend her, her friends or otherwise bring conflict into the conversation. Also, make sure not to speak about subjects she might not know about or find terribly boring either. Boxing and role playing games, for instance, are not great topics for building rapport.

The list could be endless as there are dozens of mistakes men usually do when speaking with women. Stay tuned as this same article will be updated in the future!


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